Over the course of the last year, PPS-GK has held four forums to introduce the organization to the community and to gain input from parents and community leaders regarding the issues parents are most interested in with regard to engaging with the nine public school districts in Kalamazoo County.  Through these exchanges we’ve learned that:

  • parents are interested in gaining tangible skills they can use to actively participate in the school improvement process;
  • community-based organizations are looking to PPS-GK to be the “go to organization” for supporting parents’ acquisition of these tangible skills;
  • school attendance emerged as a common challenge districts are facing across the county; and
  • parents can play a critical role in improving school attendance.

Parents for Public Schools of Greater Kalamazoo has completed two sessions of the Parent Engagement Program!  Parents from 6 different school districts in Kalamazoo County have graduated from the PEP program and are making strides toward raising student achievement.  We are providing support to these parents as they craft and implement their projects and we will report their accomplishments throughout 2014.