Chapter Leadership

As the first members and current Board of Directors of PPS-GK, we are six individuals who offer our experience, ideas, opinions and beliefs about the value of high-quality public education in our democracy – and in our county’s nine school districts. We’re members of nine different school communities throughout the county.

We believe that all Kalamazoo County’s children deserve access to high-quality public education; we believe that not all of them have that access. Yet. Our best schools need more to serve more children. And we need more of our best schools. We believe that real reform is best accomplished from the inside out, and as parents, grandparents and alumni of public schools we have seen how public schools in Kalamazoo County can work for our children. Many of us are public school success stories.

In a time of slashed state funding, increased privatization of public education, deepening urban and rural poverty, and intense politicization of education policy and practice, we’re ready to work with fellow Kalamazoo residents to find solutions that can strengthen all our public schools, for all our children.

Chapter Leadership

Meg Blinkiewicz, Chair

Sarah Drumm

Paula Kizer

Dana Parham-Buchanan



Melita Terrentine, PEP Manager